Faking API for stubs and mocks

Just for fun I started to build my own API for taking care of stubbing and mocking while writing my tests. It wasn’t all for fun, since I didn’t like the API of the Moq-framework (read earlier writings about this) I thought that I could wrap Moq in my own API. Since I’m not consuming all the functionality of the Moq-framework, I will get a more slim API that doesn’t tangle stubs and mocks. It will also make it possible for me to switch (why I would like this I really don’t know) for another framework than Moq; or actually build my own instead of just a wrapper.

The result? Well as I see it it all start with the intent of faking something (use a stand-in); either as a simple stub or a mock. And the stub and mock should have different configuration API.

The result so far (since I add functionality when I need it)

var newUserAccount = UserAccountFactoryForTests.CreateValidUserAccount();
var entityStoreMock = Fake<IEntityStore>.Mock();
var componentContainerStub = Fake<IoCContainer>.Stub()
    .Returns(c => c.Resolve<IEntityStore>(), entityStoreMock.MockedObject);
var service = new SecurityService { ServicesIoCContainer = componentContainerStub.StubbedObject };

The code can be downloaded from here.


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