Simple-MongoDB – Querying

Updated: Read more about Simplified Querying

So I keep getting questions about how to write queries in Simple-MongoDB. I will try to get time documenting this, but until then, and since I relly on JSON, you could attack the problem like this:

To take an example, today I got a question about how to handle OR queries. If you have a look at the documentation ( you find that it isn’t implemented in v1.4 but you can use the $where-operator.

$where-operator – Using JSON

var persons = entityStore.Find<Person>(@"{$where : ""this.Name == 'Daniel' || this.Name == 'Sue'""}");


var persons = session[DbName][PersonsCollectionName].Find<Person>(@"{$where : ""this.Name == 'Daniel' || this.Name == 'Sue'""}");

$where-operator – Using the Simo-WhereOperator

var persons = entityStore.Find<Person>(new WhereOperator(@"this.Name == 'Daniel' || this.Name == 'Sue'"));


var persons = session[DbName][PersonsCollectionName].Find<Person>(new WhereOperator(@"this.Name == 'Daniel' || this.Name == 'Sue'"));

$in-operator – Using JSON

var persons = entityStore.Find<Person>(@"{Name : { $in : [""Daniel"", ""Sue""] } }");


var persons = session[DbName][PersonsCollectionName].Find<Person>(@"{Name : { $in : [""Daniel"", ""Sue""] } }");

$in-operator – Using the Simo-InOperator

var persons = entityStore.Find<Person>(new InOperator("Name", "Daniel", "Sue"));


var persons = session[DbName][PersonsCollectionName].Find<Person>(new InOperator("Name", "Daniel", "Sue"));

The code can be aquired at the Google-code, project site.


2 thoughts on “Simple-MongoDB – Querying

    • I’m working on a even more simplified querying which will help you generate your queries. Hopefully I will push this out tonight.


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