Tip: Install missing NuGet packages using Albacorebuild and Rake


See comments below, and you will learn that Albacore uses deferred execution, hence not all packages.config will be treated. The corrected code looks like this:

task :installNuGetPackages do
  FileList["Solution/**/packages.config"].each { |filepath|
    sh "NuGet.exe i #{filepath} -o Solution/packages"

Which also removes the dependency on Albacore.

End update

As I’m using Albacorebuild and Rake together with TeamCity and GitHub to setup a continuous integration (CI) flow I’m about to stop checking in NuGet packages in my source code repository at GitHub. What I do want, is a simple way for the developer and the CI server to use rake to install any missing NuGet packages. The NuGet.exe tool allready supports this, but per project: read more at NuGet.org. If you have a look at the link you will also see that they give an example of using a Pre-build event for each project. Not fun. Lets have a look at another solution.

The solution using Albacorebuild and Rake

Create a rakefile and define a task that uses NuGet.exe and use the command parameters defined at the link above, but do it for each packages.config file located under the solution directory.


require 'albacore'
task :default => [:installNuGetPackages]
desc "Install missing NuGet packages."
exec :installNuGetPackages do |cmd|
  FileList["Solution/**/packages.config"].each { |filepath|
    cmd.command = "NuGet.exe"
    cmd.parameters = "i #{filepath} -o Solution/packages"

So given this structure:

One can simply use rake to install any missing packages:


Even if it was a simplified rakefile I showed here, you could easily incorporate the task in your normal rakefile and let the CI server execute it, as well as perhaps just have a simple bat-file for devs to setup their local environment.


4 thoughts on “Tip: Install missing NuGet packages using Albacorebuild and Rake

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  3. good tip but the Albacore ExecTask uses a deferred execution so it only runs on the last package config that it finds. To run NuGet on each, I used a standard rake task and called the command with sh instead.

    sh “NuGet.exe i #{filepath} -o /…”

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