SisoDb v10.1 Not pre-release anymore

A couple of days ago I wrote about the pre-release of SisoDb. The 10.0 and 10.0.1 releases was only a pre-releases and after using it some adjustments has been made and this release, v10.1 is not a pre-release. The pre-release fulfilled its purpose and cleaned out some “not so great features” and introduces one new feature.

As always the documentation has been updated along with the release notes.


The pre-release had replaced ADO.Net transactions for Transaction-scopes. This was done to support parallel inserts of indexes. Since this was something that needed DTC’s and that brought unnecessary complexity to the code-base, it has been removed and the code has reverted back to use ADO.Net transactions. Transaction-scopes are still supported. The ParallelInserts=On|Off support has been removed and will be replaced by BackgroundIndexing=Off|InProc|Service|Custom, which is a coming v10.x feature.

New feature – TimeStamps

SisoDb now supports time-stamps. You enable support for them by adding a single property (see below) to your class. By doing that you enable SisoDb to assign a value to it upon inserts and updates.

public DateTime StructureTimeStamp { get; set; }
public DateTime [ClassName]TimeStamp { get; set; }
public DateTime I[InterfaceName]TimeStamp { get; set; }
public DateTime TimeStamp { get; set; }

The future

New Providers

I have investigated the possibilities of making SisoDb work for MySQL and SQLite and initially I couldn’t see any hinders. I’ve also looked at making it work over MongoDb and again, can’t see any initial hinders there either.


I’m also working on letting you configure, per database, the ability of specifying a setting “BackgroundIndexing”:

Off – As it is now. Key-values for querying are inserted in the indexes-tables when you store a structure
InProc – The key-values will be queued as packages and processed in the background. Hence inserts will be faster.
Service – Same as InProc but demands a separate Service to run on the same machine that hosts the database.
Custom – The key-values are queued but nothing is done with them. It’s up to you to process the queue.

Caching- Pull request Wanted

As of v9.1 SisoDb allows you to hook in a cache provider. But there’s yet no public available implementation, but it would be great if someone provided a pull-request so that we could put up a NuGet package for it.

Install via NuGet

Since it’s no pre-release anymore just do

PM> Install-Package SisoDb.Sql2008

PM> Install-Package SisoDb.Sql2012

PM> Install-Package SisoDb.SqlCe4

or if you are one of the lucky soles having used it before:

PM> Update-Package SisoDb.Sql2008

PM> Update-Package SisoDb.Sql2012

PM> Update-Package SisoDb.SqlCe4


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